peach strudel by kenny hills bakers

A timeless taste, crafted to last.

Kenny Hills Bakers is made up of various layers – quality ingredients, our warm and friendly hospitality, and staying connected to our community. These layers have allowed us to craft memories on a plate for 10 years. The most notable one being our peach strudel.
Following our brand principles, we wanted to create a pastry that had layers to it. Starting with its flavour, our signature Kenny Hills Bakers peach strudel is made of cream cheese, peach slices, layered in between puff pastry. 
Savour the sweetness from the peaches that’s balanced with the tanginess of the cream cheese, and the buttery richness from the puff pastry in every bite.
Beyond its flavour, our peach strudel is perfect for any time of day, and occasion. Whether you’d like to have it for dessert after lunch, to share with friends for tea, or as a birthday ‘cake’, or even for breakfast – we won’t judge. We’ve all had those cravings before.
Our peach strudel has stood against the test of time. Proving to be a timeless taste, layered in goodness, crafted to last. Order a slice (or a whole one!) at the nearest Kenny Hills Bakers outlet to you or through our website.
Life’s too short not to have a Kenny Hills Bakers peach strudel.

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