Frequently Asked Questions

We are in the process of getting the Halal Certification and we currently source all our ingredients from halal-certified suppliers.

We are also proudly pork free and we don’t cook our dishes with alcohol. 

However, we ourselves are not certified as one of our desserts do contain alcohol which is our Tiramisu with Alcohol (the label clearly states it, and we also have a non-alcohol Tiramisu Cake)

We hope that clarifies the question! 😊

Unfortunately, at the moment we only accept reservations for dinner time which is 7pm onwards.  Other than that, you can just walk in at any of our outlets 😊.  If you would like to make reservations for dinner, kindly fill in these information and send it to us via DMs or whatsapp:

1. Outlet name:

2. Indoor /Outdoor/No preference:

3. Name:

4. Contact Number:

5. No. of pax:

6. Date & Time:

Unfortunately, we currently have a 20km radius limit to ensure our items are not damaged from a long journey! We’ll try our very best to expand in the near future - in the meantime, feel free to visit our outlets to dine-in or takeaway! ❤️

It depends on your exact location as it’s automatically calculated based on Grab fees - so best to fill in your address in the blanks provided and the system will notify you on the final amount.

You can now order all your KHB favourites for self-pick up or delivery online via this link:

We are currently only accepting same day delivery orders online. For next day pre-orders, please refresh the site at 7pm as that’s when it resets! For pre-orders on other days, you may directly contact our outlets’ and they will further assist you.

You can check out our Careers page and fill out the form if necessary.


Hi there! Thank you for asking - our menu is viewable over here. 😁

You can order our whole cakes from this link and the respective PIC will get back to you. 

Do take note that most whole cakes are only made to order and will require 2 days to prepare! For urgent whole cake orders, you may opt for our Burnt Cheesecake, Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake or Chocolate Truffle Torte - while availability lasts.

At room temperature it lasts for up to 2 to 3 days because our flour and bread is organic and does not contain any preservatives.

If you want to keep it for longer, we recommend slicing and placing it in the freezer where it can last up to 2 months! Simply heat the desired amount in the oven before consuming. 

The chilled cakes and tarts would need to be refrigerated for optimal freshness and taste :)

We wouldn’t recommend leaving the cakes or tarts outside the chiller longer than 30 minutes as the texture might be subpar!

We do offer some vegetarian dishes and most of our dishes can be omitted with vegetarian options. Do let our team members know your preferences prior to ordering!

We are also currently exploring options to be added into our menu - perhaps you can provide us your item recommendations and suggestions you prefer in particular!

Alternatively, you may visit our sister outlet @nourishbykhb! 💚

If you’re looking for something that requires less oil, I’d suggest the signature sandwiches, rillettes and eggs flamenco 😊

Alternatively, I suggest you visit our sister outlet, Nourish - you can find a variety of healthy brunches and gluten-free, refined sugar free items.

You can find them here: @nourishbykhb

We would like to clarify that the Chocolate Babka is only available at the Ampang outlet on a daily basis. We’re sorry again! 🙏

Our Chocolate Babka is only available at the Ampang outlet on a daily basis. But it is available over the weekend at all of our other outlets.  Come grab them while they last!


We are open daily from 8AM to 10PM, except our BSC Kiosk that closes at 9PM.

We have 5 locations across the Klang Valley (Bukit Tunku, TTDI, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Ampang & Desa Park City)

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! Here are our outlets’ contact numbers:

Ampang +60342652020

Bukit Tunku +60362064111

Bangsar Shopping Centre +60172182320

Desa ParkCity +60364195990

TTDI +60327037030

Yes, the +603 numbers can be whatsapped! 😊

We definitely have WiFi at all our outlets! You can just ask any of our friendly staff for the password 🤗

psstt: we can't live without em too!

Please take note that our DPC outlet is pet-friendly, and so are the other lots in The Waterfront, Desa Parkcity. Rest assured that customers with pets are only allowed to dine outdoors. If you prefer a no-pet zone, please visit our other outlets such as Bukit Tunku, Ampang and TTDI instead! Hope this clarifies!

What is Kenny Hills Coffee?

Hi there, we’ve actually prepared a handy guide on how to locate us in KLE Mall. It’s in our IG highlights, here’s a link to it directly. Let us know if you need any more assistance on locating us.

Yes we do! We serve pastries, cakes, sandwiches, pastas, salads, waffles and more. This is on top of lots and lots of unique handcrafted coffee and beverages! Some food such as sandwiches and pastas are also offered as well.

Have a look at our menu here.

Hi there! For espresso based coffee, we have a house-blend and a seasonal blend whereas for our pour-overs, we’re currently using three different single origin beans. In rotation at the moment are beans proudly sourced from Ethiopia, Indonesia & Honduras. Drop by for a coffee soon and our friendly baristas will be more than happy to answer any other questions you have while brewing you a pour-over.

Some of our Kenny Hills Bakers favourites such as pastries and cakes will be available at Kenny Hills Coffee. However, our Kenny Hills Bakers organic bread is not sold at Kenny Hills Coffee.

Looking for something else?